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Relief is Only a Few Steps Away

Your feet are your very foundation. From the moment they touch ground, you depend on them to support your entire lifestyle.

And when your feet hurt, each step becomes a struggle. Life literally stops. Errands can’t be ran, work can’t be done.

Don’t let foot pain limit you. Step through our door for prompt care and fast relief.


Our Passionate Approach

We’ve all been there. The pain hits, but your doctor is booked solid all week. Some foot care providers just don’t have the capacity to take walk-in’s, or aren’t able to provide immediate attention.

Our team at Foot & Ankle Group understands the debilitating effects of foot pain. When you call with an urgent issue, we hustle to help. If that means working harder, our doctors put in the extra effort to see you that same day.

That’s what sets our doctors apart— above and beyond care.

Receive the one-on-one attention you need, quickly and compassionately, from our dedicated staff.

Our Treatments

Corns & Calluses

Is that old pumice stone not getting the job done? Maybe the problem isn’t what you think it is. Before assuming your thick skin or bump is actually a corn or callus, come in for a professional consultation.

Ingrown Nails

Maybe you’d been hoping your toenail pain would cease with a quick clipping, but it’s still reeking havoc. When improperly cared for, ingrown nails can lead to serious infections. Seek quick, relieving treatment today!


Does nerve pain have you in a real pinch? If walking is becoming a struggle, let us get to the source with our in-house MRI. We’ll see what you can’t and reduce your tenderness and inflammation.

Plantar Warts

Have your kids been playing with frogs again? Just kidding. Plantar warts aren’t from toads, but they can really be troublesome for your child. Our painless treatments will have them wart-free in days!

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