Ingrown Nails

The Relief You Need— when You Need It

When Self-Treatment isn’t Working

There are numerous reasons you’re dealing with an ingrown toenail. From genetics to overly aggressive, unsanitary pedicures or a slight slip of your own clippers— it’s too easy to find yourself in a world of pain.

Any activity causes sharp throbs and a small toe stub on your coffee table drops you to your knees. Nothing helps. You’ve tried resting, soaking, the whole works. You’ve been hoping it heals on its own, but when improperly cared for, ingrown nails can lead to serious infections. In severe cases, that infection can even spread to the bone.

Don’t drag your feet. You need a trusted podiatrist to relieve the ache and protect you from infection, right away.


Get In & Treated, the Same Day

Our doctors understand your pain and the potential severity of leaving ingrown nails neglected. That’s why at Foot & Ankle Group, we try to get patients in the same day they call.

Not only do we welcome walk-ins, but we’ll provide necessary treatment during that same visit.

No need to worry! With the help of numbing agents, our procedures are virtually pain-free and grant instant relief.


Our Ingrown Toenail Treatments

Ingrown nails need more than just a clipping; they need professional care. Lucky for you, one office visit is all you need to get back on your feet.

To treat your nail(s), we’ll:

    • Welcome you in for an exam & diagnose.
      You call, we care. Whenever possible, we’ll get you in for a same day appointment. In some severe cases, we’ll take an x-ray to ensure an infection didn’t penetrate to your bone, but generally we’ll know the best way to treat from a simple exam.
    • Perform most procedures same day.
      That’s right, procedures are same day too. No need to worry about fitting in multiple visits with your busy schedule.
    • Provide instant relief with virtually no recovery necessary.
      Most cases involve a nail avulsion, where we remove the portion of your nail that’s overgrown. You may experience a little tenderness, but relief will be instant. We’ll send you home with an antibiotic and you’ll be back in shoes in a few days.For chronic sufferers, we may remove the whole nail using an anesthetic for a pain-free procedure. Even after full nail removal, patients see speedy recovery.
    • Educate you future prevention methods.
      Before you leave, we’ll advise you on proper ways to trim your nails, including how to properly cut and how short to go. We may even suggest certain footwear, to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward!

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