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Let Out a Sigh of Relief!

The word “podiatrist” can seem intimidating, but it’s just a fancy title for a doctor who specializes in foot care.

Whether you were referred or simply stumbled on our page while seeking relief, don’t be scared— be relieved. You’re in the practiced hands of a group of professionals who’ve mastered their trade helping individuals all across Southwest Florida.

Our doctors at Foot & Ankle Group prioritize delivering prompt service, compassionate care and do all they can to get you on a quick road to recovery.


Our Devotion to Self-Care & Therapeutic Healing

Many foot conditions don’t require surgery, in fact, we’ve found that in most cases, footwear adjustments or a few therapeutic sessions can make the world of difference.

That’s why at Foot & Ankle Group, we pride ourselves on advocating education over surgery. Of course, surgery can be very relieving for severe cases, but we opt for oral pain medication, orthotics or foot care recommendations whenever possible.

Our professional advice and unique services are tailored to your needs. Browse our treatment pages or learn more about our doctor’s specializations and team.


Frequently Asked Questions

Oftentimes, new clients like to make sure they come to their appointments prepared. Learn more about payments, insurance coverage and more by reading through the most common FAQs.

Our Treatments


Does nerve pain have you in a real pinch? If walking is becoming a struggle, let us get to the source with our in-house MRI. We’ll see what you can’t and reduce your tenderness and inflammation.

Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetics often require specialized treatments. That’s why we insist our patients receive consistent attention. Our doctors prioritize routine scheduling and keeping all appointments with diabetic patients.

Plantar Warts

Have your kids been playing with frogs again? Just kidding. Plantar warts aren’t from toads, but they can really be troublesome for your child. Our painless treatments will have them wart-free in days!

Hammer Toes

Are your toes going numb or forming blisters from constant rubbing? Maybe you’re tired of cramming them in ill-fitting shoes. Let our team straighten your toes out!

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