Diabetic Foot Care

The Consistent Care You Need

Prompt & Routine Attention

With everything diabetic patients do to manage their disease, foot care can easily go overlooked.

Especially for elderly diabetics, an inability to reach, see or feel the feet can lead to clumsy nail trims and unnoticed injuries. When left untreated, these wounds can quickly and aggressively progress into dangerous infections.

Ensure you’re getting routine exams by a foot care professional. The stakes are just too high for neglect and accidents.


A Promise We Won’t Break

Diabetics require special attention. A few months of low insulin or poor circulation could mean long-term repercussions, or even death, and our doctors don’t take these risks lightly.

That’s why at Foot & Ankle Group, we prioritize diabetic foot care. We’ll routinely schedule and keep our appointments to ensure you receive only the best, most consistent care.

Our doctors see patients approximately every nine weeks to monitor and catch changes early before they escalate.


Our Diabetic Foot Care Treatments

Diabetic patients often experience numbness or painful foot sensations as a result of poor circulation. When it comes to blood flow, we don’t mess around.

We’ll actively monitor your feet with our routine and easy process:

    • Come in for a physical exam.
      We start with an initial consultation to meet and talk about your routines. Then, we’ll perform a thorough exam to identify any concerns. If you have an intrusion, we’ll take x-rays. If you have any lesions or long nails, we’ll care for them too. Our doctors will also educate you on the best ways to protect your feet, recommending specialized footwear for blood flow and other important diabetic foot care guidance.
    • Return every nine weeks for a routine check.
      Every two months, we’ll ensure your feet are problem-free and that you’re getting the right advice, when you need it. Plus, you’ll get to see our smiling faces. It’s a win/win, right?
    • Get access to specialists as needed.
      Diabetic control isn’t limited to your feet. Sometimes we’ll turn to trusted specialists such as vascular doctors to monitor your blood flow. Diabetes affects all parts of your body and it’s our mission to help you stay healthy in every possible way.
    • Receive prompt surgery when necessary.
      Sometimes diabetic patients need immediate attention for circulatory threats.

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