Heel/Arch Pain

The Healing Your Heel Needs

Stand Tall Again

You don’t know if you can stand another day tiptoeing around to avoid the stabbing pain or tired aches. It’s hard to function when you already step out of bed to sensitive heels— and your days end in utter de”feet.”

You’re probably active at work or required to do heavy lifting for long hours each day. Or maybe you’ve suffered an injury that won’t stop haunting you.

Whatever the cause, our trusted foot care professionals know exactly what your heels need to “heal” properly.


Heel Pain:

When it comes to heel pain, there are two different forms we commonly see.

Plantar Heel

Plantar Fasciitis (fash-ee-eye-tis) is the most common pain, felt in the base of your heel. It’s inflammation caused by strain or damage to one of the most important ligaments in the foot— the plantar fascia, usually related to overuse or injury.

    • Refer you or schedule surgery if all else fails.
      We only consider surgery if you don’t see improvements after three to six months of active treatments. If you require further physical therapy, we’ll refer you to the local care center you need.

Posterior Heel

Unlike Plantar heel problems which occur underneath the foot, Posterior patients experience pain behind the heel. It’s often caused by small tears within the tendon or irritation from bone spurs.

The office visit process is similar to what we have outlined above, but how we treat is often different. Our in-house MRI will help us identify what’s causing your pain, and we’ll get you into therapy or surgery with a two to three month recovery process.

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