Hammer Toes

We’ll Straighten Out Those Toes — without Physical Therapy

There’s No Tip-Toeing Around it

Your toes have been bent most of your life, so you’ve never really thought much of it. But over the past few months, a few little piggies are swelling and rubbing in your shoes, causing obvious discomfort.

They’re going numb, or forming blisters and calluses, and you can’t keep shoving on ill-fitting shoes and pretending your puffy, red toes don’t hurt.

It’s time you show off your manicure or at least, slip into comfortable shoes again. Let our expert podiatrists straighten you out.


Hammering it Home

Our specialized foot care professionals have seen it all! They have years of experience diagnosing and treating your toes as painlessly and simply as possible.

The best part of it all— no physical therapy required. And in milder cases, all you need are a few recommendations on proper footwear or specialized Powerstep orthotics to relieve your pain. With the friendly care at Foot & Ankle Group, you’ll be walking on sunshine in no time.


Our Hammertoe Treatments

Hammertoe symptoms are a result of structural deformity in your toes, causing the bone to curl in a way that resembles the hooked end of a hammer, hence the name.

Here’s how we’ll treat your hammertoes:

    • Invite you in for an initial consultation. We’ll ask about what you’ve done so far to relieve the pain, perform an exam and take some x-rays to look at the severity of the bone deformity. In certain cases, we’ll run vascular tests to check for proper blood flow throughout your toes too.
    • Counsel you on ways to help relieve the pain. Oftentimes, hammertoe patients see significant improvements by simply using properly recommended footwear or specialized toe pads to keep the toes aligned and reduce buckling. We’ll offer professional grade foot care products for near-instant relief.
    • Perform surgery only when absolutely necessary. For patients still experiencing everyday pain after following our care instructions, we’ll decide if you’re a good surgical candidate. Only severe cases need be considered, but it can make a world of difference for those suffering from chronic pain. After surgery, you can expect to see full recovery within two to three months.

Other Treatments

Corns & Calluses

Is that old pumice stone not getting the job done? Maybe the problem isn’t what you think it is. Before assuming your thick skin or bump is actually a corn or callus, come in for a professional consultation.

Hammer Toes

Are your toes going numb or forming blisters from constant rubbing? Maybe you’re tired of cramming them in ill-fitting shoes. Let our team straighten your toes out!

Ingrown Nails

Maybe you’d been hoping your toenail pain would cease with a quick clipping, but it’s still reeking havoc. When improperly cared for, ingrown nails can lead to serious infections. Seek quick, relieving treatment today!


Say goodbye to painful rubbing! We like to say we “save the world, one bunion at a time.” Ditch your flip-flops and let our foot care specialists help you get back in your favorite shoes.

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