Hammertoes Symptoms, Causes & Treatments

Have you noticed your toes are starting to bend or look permanently arched? Are your protruding toes rubbing in your... View Article

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7 Foot Problems Caused or Exacerbated by Diabetes

People who deal with the day-to-day needs of diabetes may suffer from foot problems as a result of their insulin... View Article

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What is Morton’s Foot Neuroma? Symptoms & Causes

Have you been feeling numbness or tingling in your toes— or notice visible swelling of your feet? These are all... View Article

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How to Permanently Heal & Get Rid of Cracked Heels for Good

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Sore or Stiff Toes & Ankles? Symptoms of Foot Arthritis

Have you been feeling sore when you bend your toes? Maybe your feet are stiff when you wake up? Or... View Article

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7 Ways to Treat Heel Bone Spurs

Have you been experiencing heel pain or inflammation? While there are a number of reasons your heel might be hurting,... View Article

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How to Treat A Cyst on Your Foot

If you notice a lump on the top or side of your foot that you are unsure of, it’s definitely... View Article

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Bone Spurs: Common Symptoms and Causes

Pain in your heel? While heel pain can be caused by a number of conditions— such as Plantar Fasciitis, Posterior... View Article

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6 Balance Exercises to Strengthen Weak Ankles

Did you know your ability to balance directly correlates with your ankle strength? Conversely, your lack of ankle strength— perhaps... View Article

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How to Treat Achilles Tendon Pain

An injury to your Achilles tendon is painful and life-impacting. After all, your Achilles tendon is the largest tendon in... View Article

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Welcome, Dr. Elaine Felix!

Dr. Felix has extensive training in treating all aspects of the foot and ankle including arthroscopy, sports injuries, trauma, reconstructive surgery, wound care, as well as forefoot and mid-foot surgery.
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