4 Reasons To See a Podiatrist for Foot and Ankle Pain

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You may think that your foot or ankle injury isn’t a big deal. You might even say, “I just hurt my ankle a little bit; it will get better on its own.”

However, severe or long-lasting foot or ankle symptoms should never be ignored because your feet deserve to be undefeeted!

Here are four reasons to see a podiatrist for your foot or ankle pain.

Important Reasons To See a Podiatrist

1. A podiatrist can diagnose your foot pain.

That ankle pain on the pickleball court or the arch pain during your daily walk could signal more than just a temporary discomfort. A podiatrist can uncover underlying issues like a sprained ankle or the onset of plantar fibroma; conditions that may worsen without proper rest or treatment.

It’s essential not to self-diagnose or attempt remedies without consulting a professional, as there could be internal injuries you cannot see. That’s where we come in. A podiatrist will examine your feet and ankles and be able to tell you the cause of your pain as well as explain your treatment options and work with you to devise a personalized treatment plan.

2. A podiatrist treats foot pain to help you avoid chronic issues.

It’s not uncommon for those with foot or ankle pain to brush it off or ignore it. Although sometimes the severity of the pain may diminish, ignoring the injury can lead to long-term implications.

For instance, you may unknowingly be walking around with a stress fracture, which requires a minimum of two to eight weeks of mindful rest— and oftentimes a cast— to properly heal. If you don’t allow the break to repair itself, you may develop deeper cracks in the bone and, in some cases, require surgery to correct. If the fracture doesn’t heal properly, you could be facing chronic pain down the road.

Similarly, heel pain may not seem too bad now, but it could develop into tendonitis, which, left untreated, will further irritate your tendon or cause tiny tears in the tissue. These are just a few examples of how ignoring a small injury now can lead to bigger problems later!

Should you see a podiatrist or orthopedist for foot pain?

An orthopedist, or orthopedic surgeon, treats conditions and injuries related to your musculoskeletal system. This can include problems with your body’s bones, joints, tendons, muscles, and ligaments.
In most cases, either doctor can help, but a podiatrist may have more experience, specifically with foot and ankle conditions. This is especially true if you think you have ankle or foot pain unrelated to your bones and muscles, such as an ingrown toenail.

3. Long-term injury may cause other problems.

You may think that the worst that will happen if you ignore your foot or ankle pain is more foot or ankle pain, but that’s far from the truth! Not only can your injury cause symptoms to worsen in the affected area, but it can also cause pain in new areas.

Furthermore, those with poor foot posture may experience pain beyond their lower extremities, reaching their back or higher and causing persistent discomfort. Your foot and ankle nerves run far upwards and can cause lower back or hip pain.

4. Seeing a podiatrist helps you stay on top of your pre-existing conditions

Certain individuals are subject to higher risk than others regarding foot and ankle pain. For example, those with diabetes are more prone to develop dangerous foot ulcers. They also commonly experience foot numbness, which can make it difficult for them to feel the true severity of the pain and seek proper care.

It’s important to acknowledge that individuals who carry excess weight may face additional challenges when it comes to foot and ankle health. Extra pressure on the feet can develop into plantar heel problems, eventual foot flattening, or even stress fractures.
Those with pre-existing concerns should have routine appointments to keep their pre-existing conditions in check.

The Foot & Ankle Group: For All Reasons To See a Podiatrist

You’ll never know the true problem until you see a foot care professional who can properly diagnose your foot and ankle pain. At The Foot & Ankle Group, we put your health first by offering comprehensive care for all issues below the knee. To find out what a podiatrist can do for foot pain, make a quick appointment with us; your feet will thank you!

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