How Proper Nutrition Can Benefit Your Feet and Ankles

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Many foot conditions are the results of some sort of infection, wound or inflammation.

For example, Plantar warts are a viral skin infection while heel or arch pain can be the result of a sprain or strain that needs time to heal. Did you know both of these conditions could benefit from the right dietary nutrients?

And that’s not all. Diabetics often have a number of issues with their feet, which can drastically be improved by a well-rounded diet. Certain foods can help to bring down swelling experienced by sufferers of neuroma, too. The list goes on and on.

Let’s look at some important nutrients and the role they play in promoting healing and maintaining proper foot care:

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Probiotics for Foot Skin Infections

One foot skin condition, Dyshidrotic eczema, forms around the tips or sides of your toes and soles. Sufferer’s feet can become very itchy and inflamed due to dryness and scratching, but research shows that some friendly bacteria might be able to help.

In fact, there’s some evidence that probiotics may help to build collagen, the main protein in skin that affects your texture and tone.

Load up on yogurt or kefir to assist your body in combating eczema. Pair it with inflammation reducing foods like kale, avocados or any of these recommendations from Harvard’s Medical School.

Zinc for Diabetic Foot Conditions

For those who suffer from diabetic foot conditions, incorporating zinc into your diet can help those with open sores to heal quicker.

According to a study published on PMC, zinc deficiency was associated with skin lesions and comprised wound healing. Zinc is an essential trace element, a micronutrient, that is required for cell membrane repair and immune system function. In tandem with exercise, a zinc-rich diet can help reduce diabetic foot ailments.

Those with diabetic foot problems also need to be mindful of maintaining good circulation. Fish, nuts, and oranges can improve blood flow, according to HeartMD Institute, so be sure to chow down on them!

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Vitamins C & A for Foot Tendonitis

Many tendon issues are associated with swelling pain, with patients needing to ice and rest their injured feet.

Vitamin A helps to keep your immune system from overreacting and causing inflammation. Vitamin C helps to get rid of free radicals that damage cells and tissues and cause inflammation.

That makes both vitamins winners for those with any form of foot tendonitis, including the five listed in our linked article. Luckily, many foods contain these vitamins and other anti-inflammatory properties, such as leafy greens like kale and collards, blueberries, olive oil and more. These foods can also help those with arthritic pain in their ankles or toes as well.

Protein & Calcium for Foot Fractures or Bone Injuries

You’ve probably heard to eat your calcium for strong bones, but did you know that about half of your bone’s structure is comprised of protein? When you fracture a bone in your foot, your body needs protein as well as calcium to repair the damage.

Those who consume these nutrients regularly saw decreased fracture risk and enhanced their healing process after a fracture, in this 2017 study. Meat and cheeses are great sources of protein, and vegetables like broccoli and turnips can give you a hearty dose of calcium.

Pair it with these key minerals and vitamins for fracture healing and you’ll be on a speedy road to recovery.


Proper Nutrition is Necessary for Healing!

These are just a few ways that a healthy diet can help improve your foot and ankle problems. Not all podiatrists understand how food choices expedite your healing processing, but here at Foot & Ankle Group, we try to be mindful of all methods for improvement.

Struggling with a condition and not sure if changing your diet can help? Give us a call at 239-936-5400 to schedule an appointment, today. Our doctors will take a look at the problem and counsel you on the best solution.

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